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We are building a wooden house

derevynniy-domFor the construction of a wooden structure in Russia and other countries, products obtained from varieties of trees growing in the northern strip of the former USSR are usually used.




Electric generators for a garden plot

elektrogeneratorEveryone knows the situation when in the country, or in the countryside, the power supply suddenly shuts off. And this can happen at the most unexpected moment. Such an “energy blockade” can sometimes ruin the best day.




Garden houses and cabins

sodovie-bitivkiMost city dwellers get tired of constant noise and dirty air. Therefore, a good alternative for outdoor recreation is your own garden house in the summer cottage, where you can have a good rest from hard workdays, go out to barbecue with friends, soak up the sun and just be “alone” with nature.




The advantages of wooden houses from Lespromstroy

interer-derevynnogo-domaWood is the best natural insulation material that nature has to offer us. However, this does not mean that when you return home to warm it, you just need to increase the wall thickness. Here, as in all alternative forms of construction, you should not ignore the rules of the roof and floor insulation and use properly selected windows and doors.



We build a private wooden house

chastniy-derevynniy-domThe construction of a private country house entails not a small cash outlay. In addition, constant monitoring and disputes with the service provider take up a lot of time and nerves, which makes building a house a difficult and difficult task. But, following certain tips, you can protect yourself from such problems when building a house.



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