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Autonomous heating systems

Autonomous heating systemsIn conditions of Russian weather, climate control equipment, without a doubt, becomes one of the most important issues for owners of private houses. Traditionally, solid fuel burning stoves cannot fully cope with heating. At the same time, connecting a house to a centralized system most often does not seems possible.











Solid fuel boilers with a closed or open system?

tverdotoplivniy-kotel-s-zakritoy-sistemoyUntil recently, the law required solid fuel to operate in an open expansion tank system. Such a device provides some protection against excessive water pressure due to overheating, because there are no components in the security system that can break.



Electric boilers for high-quality heating

kospel_bBoilers are manufactured by various manufacturers, so any models that can be purchased and installed indoors are obtained.






Professional installation of home heating – the key to heat

photo 2_2To keep the room warm, always cozy, a special system must be installed. It is heating that allows you to maintain the desired level of comfort even in winter.








Heating installation

mon7malHeating a country house or other housing requires specialist advice. This is due to the fact that before starting work, you will have to prepare a project.





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